Config Incompatible & listing storage contents


My offsite storage is having incompatibilities:

duplicacy.exe  -log   copy -from default -to b2_offsite_storage  -threads 4 -upload-limit-rate 100000
2019-04-02 22:33:08.622 INFO STORAGE_SET Source storage set to \\<NAS location>
2019-04-02 22:33:08.650 INFO STORAGE_SET Destination storage set to b2://<bucket>
2019-04-02 22:33:14.874 ERROR CONFIG_INCOMPATIABLE Two storages are not compatiable for the copy operation

I’m quite sure I gave the same storage password for the b2 storage as my source storage when it prompted. Could there be another reason for the incompatibility?

Also, how do I list the table of contents of the source storage? I want to make sure I didn’t back up some unwanted files.



Yup, compatibility has to be explicitly given with the add command using the -copy option, instead of setting up a second storage via init. Hopefully your off-site storage is empty and you can just recreate.

The list command with the -files option. Unfortunately you have to do it revision by revision, unless you have a bunch of backup logs you can scrape? Otherwise, you’ll have to search through the output of list.

This is definitely one of the weak points of Duplicacy at the moment, but hopefully enhancements can be implemented in future to make finding and restoring individual files easier.


Thanks for the help, Droolio.

My b2 storage isn’t successful yet so it can be recreated. This is my new add command (using instead of angle brackets, which don’t show properly):

duplicacy.exe add -e -copy [b2_storage_name] -bit-identical [snapshot_id] [b2://url]

I get a “The add command requires 3 arguments.” error.

Also, how do I make it forget the previous incompatible offsite storage name?

For listing files, I tried:

duplicacy.exe list -files


duplicacy.exe list -storage [primary storage location] -files

and a few other variations
and all it returns is “storage set to [primary storage location].”



I think the problem is the order of the parameters, all the options have to come before the name of the storage:

duplicacy.exe add -e -copy -bit-identical [b2_storage_name] [snapshot_id] [b2://url]


@towerbr is right that the order parameters matters… but in fact the source storage name should be immediate after the -copy option:

duplicacy add -e -copy default [b2_storage_name] [snapshot_id] [b2://url]

where default is probably the name of your local storage, if it wasn’t given a different name.

Note you also don’t need to use -bit-identical unless you’re using alternative methods - such as rsync - to copy the raw storage files across.


I’m not familiar with b2 but if you can access the bucket(?) using alternate ways, manually deleting the entire storage including the config file and snapshot+chunk directories, should do the job.


Yes, you can access through the web interface and delete the config file, the snapshot+chunk folders, or the entire bucket. It will depend on whether @mikebliv wants to reuse the bucket or not.


Thanks Droolio and towerbr,

I got it working with this syntax and omitted -bit-identical. However, I did have to use a new [b2_storage_name]. I’ve already emptied the b2 bucket, but I just noticed the previous storage name was mentioned in the preferences file. Deleting it from the file may have enabled me to re-use the previous storage name.