Copy command details


   duplicacy copy - Copy snapshots between compatible storages

   duplicacy copy [command options]

   -id <snapshot id>            copy snapshots with the specified id instead of all snapshot ids
   -r <revision> [+]            copy snapshots with the specified revisions
   -from <storage name>         copy snapshots from the specified storage
   -to <storage name>           copy snapshots to the specified storage
   -download-limit-rate <kB/s>  the maximum download rate (in kilobytes/sec)
   -upload-limit-rate <kB/s>    the maximum upload rate (in kilobytes/sec)
   -threads <n>                 number of uploading threads

The copy command copies snapshots from one storage to another storage. They must be copy-compatible, i.e., some configuration parameters must be the same. One storage must be initialized with the -copy option provided by the add command.

Instead of copying all snapshots, you can specify a set of snapshots to copy by giving the -r options. The copy command preserves the revision numbers, so if a revision number already exists on the destination storage the command will fail.

If no -from option is given, the snapshots from the default storage will be copied. The -to option specified the destination storage and is required.

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