Copy latest revisions for restore followed by a later full copy?

Thanks for building such amazing software! I just had a failure that has me pulling down my 3 TB storage bucket from Backblaze to restore from our local server. I used the WebUI to add B2 and a local storage and then started a full copy. It’s taking a while which is fine but my wife wondered whether we could just pull the latest revisions of everything. I’d still like to have everything locally though.

From looking at the copy command docs it seems that I could go through and specify just the latest revision for each snapshot-id. I’m less clear on whether I’d be able to later download the rest of the revisions, especially if new revisions are created.

B2 has backups X (20 revisions) and Y (30 revisions)
I want to run copy backup X revision 20 from B2 to local and copy backup Y revision 30 from B2 to local
Restore from X20 and Y30
Start making new backups for X and Y

If I copy X21 and Y31 to B2 at this point will that break X1-X19 and Y1-Y29?

Can I run copy to pull down X1-X19 and Y1-Y29?

Some threads I found:

Related: I initially created B2 as copy-compatible with the local storage. Is it sufficient to mark the new local storage as copy-compatible with B2 or does order matter?

Thanks in advance!

No, they won’t.


The new local storage must be copy-compatible with B2 otherwise copy won’t work.

Awesome, thanks for confirming!