Dashboard not updating

I recently recovered from a drive crash that caused several files to get overwritten with all zeroes. One of the files that got wiped was duplicacy.json. After replacing it from backup, everything has been fine with Duplicacy except the Dashboard doesn’t update anymore. In particular, the “New Revisions” section is just empty. If I go into Restore, I can see all the new revisions and restore files from them, but they don’t show up on the Dashboard.


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Other files got damaged too?

Delete entire contents of the temporary directory as defined in settings and then run check to fetch new values.

Other files got damaged too?

Yes, but not in Duplicacy as far as I know. It seemed to only affect files that got opened for write during and immediately following a power event. I wrote a scanner to find all files that had zeroes for contents, and they were all related to things that were running at the time of the failure.

I’ve deleted the temp contents and run check. It did repopulate that folder, and after doing another backup I now see a single dot on my “New Revisions” dashboard. Seems like it has recovered. Thanks.