Delay missed scheduled backups from the web edition for a few minutes so that wifi is on

I frequently close and open my laptop so I am happy to see that the web edition’s scheduled backups start running when they have been missed because my laptop was closed. Unfortunately they seem to start running the instant my laptop opens … which is generally early enough that my wifi hasn’t reconnected. So every single backup like this just fails within half a second with “ERROR STORAGE_CONFIG Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: RequestError: send request failed”, and “dial tcp: lookup : no such host” and so I don’t get a backup unless the schedule happens when my laptop is open.

I can think of a few solutions to this. In an ideal world the scheduler would wait for a network connection to come up when starting a backup that needs the network. An alternative would be to just retry the backup a few times over a few minutes if it fails at first. Simplest would just be to delay a minute or two before starting the missed backup.


Is this specific to the web-ui or is this request relevant for the CLI version too?

The CLI doesn’t have a scheduler that I know of, so it is specific to the web UI and maybe GUI if that has a scheduler.


The old GUI can receive wakeup messages from the OS and delay overdue backups for about a minute to avoid such temporary network errors. The web-based GUI can’t do this yet but I plan to implement it after the official release.


Is receiving wakeup messages going to be in the upcoming “service mode support” release discussed here?

Scheduled Backups dont always fire

It has to be for sure.