Scheduled Backups dont always fire

I’m having an issue through the GUI where I have to schedule jobs and seemingly randomly, they just stop backing up. The UI shows that the backup has occurred, but when I click on the log, the date of the last backup could be days or weeks prior. This is kind of worrisome because I can never tell when a backup succeeds or the job did absolutely nothing.

It’s kind of on me to remember to go into the GUI and check the logs to see if the backup actually fired.

Do you use the legacy GUI or the new Web Edition?

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I use the new gui version. I am also licensed.

I just turned on email notifications to see if i can track it more closely.

It was setup that way. But I don’t remember for what reason, so I changed it to show up.

One thing you have to bare in mind with the new GUI is there is no service mode as yet. You have to be logged in and the Duplicacy icon in the system tray next to the clock is running (assuming Windows).

Does the schedule page show a ‘Next run in…’ next to the green triangle?

Yes, I do see that, but I think you identified the issue. I do sign out of my server when im not using it. That must be why the backups arent running.

Is there an update coming to fix this?

The author has said Web Edition will eventually get a service mode, yes.

The next update, available in about 2 weeks, will support this service mode.


Similar issue that I found this morning with Web Edition on Mac.

Scheduled yesterday for hourly runs. Last backup completed 8 hours ago. System went to sleep. Wake up system from sleep and Schedule indicates the next run in 14 hours.

Screen shots were taken at about 7 am. I was expecting an immediate backup run. At worst a run at the top of the next hour. It looks like the Web Edition is using the “Start at” value to calculate the “Next run” not the time of the last back up.

Do I have something configured wrong?

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edit: nevermind I see 1.1.0 is out

Right, Windows service is now supported in 1.1.0. I’ll update the doc but for now you can simply run the installer as administrator and you’ll see the option to install the service.