Deleted files - nothing in the log

When I delete a file, then do a backup in the CLI the log does not mention the file being deleted.

I understand that the file can be restored from the previous revision(s) and that the deleted files will ultimately be permanently removed when doing prune commands. I’m just wondering why there is no mention in the log of files being deleted?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to track and/or find a deleted file that I might want to restore? If it were mentioned in a log I could search the log files to see when it was deleted, which I believe would be helpful. Any guidance on how best to handle finding/tracking deleted files would be appreciated.

Duplicacy storage doesn’t operate on files, it operates on snapshots split into chunks. Prune doesn’t ever “delete files”, all it does is remove chunks that are no longer referenced by any snapshots. In fact, prune doesn’t even know anything about files in the backup.

Finding snapshots where your deleted files were present is not trivial, it is basically a trial and error on restore. You may want to try using experimental mount command to see all the snapshots and file lists there, this may speedup your lookup process.