Does Duplicacy utilize compression by default?

I’m using Duplicacy web on two of my servers, but now that I’m putting more jobs on them I realize I should use at least some level of compression. It sounds like this should be done at storage initialization, but I don’t remember the option and I definitely didn’t manually set anything.

Do I need to do something to ensure I have compression enabled?

It’s on by default, with no way to disable it.

IMO having an ability to selectively disable it (e.g. at least by file type or regex) would be an excellent feature. Most home users data is photos and videos and there is zero benefit in burning electricity attempting to compress it.

Are you certain? I’d seen some references from way back in 2016 that said “The compression level parameter is passed to the zlib library. Valid values are -1 through 9, with 0 meaning no compression, 9 best compression (slowest), and -1 being the default value (equivalent to level 6)”.

I just wasn’t sure since I didn’t specify the compression option that it would actually treat it per that default setting. The above would also indicate it can be disabled upon storage initialization.

This is the new setting, instead of former -1…9:

The meaning of it is just a flаg meaning “use new compression”; which is now (far superior for the intended use) lz4:

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LOL. As I was typing that, I did start to think that between the length of time and the improvements in compression over zlib back then that things had likely changed. Thanks for spelling that out. Well, it looks like I’m in okay shape with what I’ve got, storage-wise. I do get your comment about it being wasteful for large volumes of non-compressible media, and hopefully that will get addressed sooner rather than later. I have 10TB+ that fall into that category as well.

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