Does post-copy script command exist in WebUI?

Hello, I’m using post-backup script for monitoring for long time. But today I find out that my copy jobs are not working and I had no clue.
So i create post-copy.bat, but after running the copy job it won’t do anything.

So does post-copy script exist and it should work? Or is not yet implemented?
I’m using web version 0.2.7



I think the folder is repository, not repositories, and it doesn’t need the “numbered” folder.


Isn’t that a typo? There is already a .duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all - no sign of a respository directory.

@Flibble does your .duplicacy-web\logs\duplicacy_web.log file say anything about these scripts running?

Thank for reply.
I did not have folder “repository” so I created it manually.
But I’m not sure about this:

I have only experience with post-backup scripts so I’m little lost here.

I tried all this combinations, but nothing:

Sadly in duplicacy_web.log is nothing about “script” or “.bat”.
I have working post-backup.bat script and record in logs/backup*.job, but nothing about post-copy scripts in copy logs.

I also tried place post-copy.bat in repositories\localhost\all - but still nothing


Maybe. I just copied @gchen orientation. I have played very little so far with the web-gui version.

So no one is monitoring success of copy jobs in web UI?

Now I’m not sure if WebUI suports other than pre/post-backup scripts (post-copy, post-prune…)

Maybe How-to articles (Pre Command and Post Command Scripts ) shoud be updated, to make it clear that they are related to the cli version and not the web version…

So is this expected behavior, or should I move this thread to #bug section? Thanks

The repository local for all jobs other than the backup job is ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all, so you should put the post-copy script under ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all/.duplicacy/scripts.

Thanks! It works.
This path work for me:

But do I understand it right, that it works great only for single post-copy job? If I have multiple copy jobs can I not distinguish them?