Duplicacy no longer seems to be able to access gnome-keyring

At some point over the last couple of months, my automated backups started failing with the following error:

09:36:39 Enter SSH password:Failed to read the password: EOF
09:36:39 Error executing command: exit status 100

Manually running the backups works, but I must manually enter all the credentials that used to be read from gnome-keyring. I tried clearing out the keyring and manually running the backups again, but the credentials were not saved to the keyring after completing the backup like they used to be. I’ve confirmed gnome-keyring has started with gnome-keyring-daemon --start

Do you have any ideas on how to troubleshoot further? Here is my system information:

Arch Linux, duplicacy CLI version 2.7.2, gnome-keyring 42.1, libsecret 0.20.5

Update: just saw this error with -debug:

Failed to get the value from the keyring: keyring/dbus: Error connecting to dbus session, not registering SecretService provider: dbus: authentication failed

Take a look:

Thanks, but I think it’s actually related to Dbus "authentication failed" which appears to be some bug with dbus authentication in go.dbus. @gchen 's recommendation was to compile it with printf statements to try to debug but due to the deprecated dep dependency management solution not supporting local repositories I’m having trouble building the project locally.