Duplicacy sending spam to advertise iDrive?

Today I received an unsolicited email from Duplicity marketing the iDrive e2 service and discount for Duplicity licenses. Let me say that I despise marketing in general and I hate spam with a fervor that borders on maniacal. Nevermind that iDrive is a piece of shite that I would be embarrassed to associate my business with… I consider this email to be an invasion of my privacy. The fact that I purchased your software doesn’t give you the right to sell or share my personal information or to market shite products to me.


Existing thread Commercial emails from duplicacy

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This is an extremely important point: Personally identifiable customer information collected with a consent for a specific purpose can only be used for that purpose. I too don’t remember consenting to receive marketing emails from duplicacy, let alone from third parties, when buying a license.

If Acrosync wanted to endorse and recommend a service that works great with the product it sells – nothing wrong with that. That’s what blogposts are for. But when it demonstrably does not work with duplicacy what shall we assume about the motives of this stunt?