Duplicacy Web Edition 0.1 Beta



This has been fixed in the latest beta version.

That would be better, but how do you set the times and the intervals?

I plan to fix this in a later release.

These have been all fixed in the current beta, which should be available sometime next week.


A general option in config would be nice
But I also like the option to do it on-demand.


Hi gchen,

Thanks for fixing and including suggestions in the next version!

In regards to the check jobs, they could run in the background at certain intervals (global setting), but can be overwritten with your own intervals if required (on-demand) as bkeeper suggests?

I look forward to the new version next week.

I also have another question…
How do I go about restarting the duplicacy server service? I couldn’t find a CLI option.
Just a kill -9? and run the cmd again? An option in the GUI to restart the service would be good :smile:

Thanks Alot!



To restart the Duplicacy services you’ll need to run the Windows Service Manager (enter services in the run dialog) and then right click the Duplicacy service to invoke the menu and select Restart.


Hi gchen,

I’m using Linux :> How is the service restarted on the backend when you make changes in the “Settings” in the GUI?

Sorry for getting off topic. If this is not simple, I’ll post something in a different section of the forum.




After you click the Save button in the Settings page, it should restart by itself. If it doesn’t then this is a bug.


Yeah, it does restart.
I’ll get back to you with any other feedback once you release the new version.

Thanks again.


Another question about the Web GUI.

I have setup a copy to B2 Backblaze and have read that having multiple backup threads running at once can be better for data throughput to B2.

What is the default number of threads that are used when setting up a B2 backup in the GUI? Will there be a way to change the number of threads used per backup job?


Cheers pdaemon


I guess we can customize the CLI command at each step, (also for restores?) but right now there is no reference info.
But we should make it easier to customize the CLI command that gets run at each step:
With placeholder examples or even a drop-down menu or control widgets for usual command modifiers (such as threads).


The default number of threads is always 1. In the web GUI you can set the options for each job separately so you can use -threads n if the command supports it.


Hi gchen,

OK thanks. I’ll give that a go.

Any update on when the next version is coming out? :slight_smile:

Cheers pdaemon


I’ll make it available this evening.


The new beta is up: Duplicacy Web Edition 0.2 Beta is now available.

May we close this thread and use the new one?