Duplicacy Web Edition 0.2.10 Beta is now available



Exactly. Good to know I’m not the only one. I was going crazy.


The Add include/exclude patterns dialogue box (Backups > Include/Exclude link > Add...) cannot be canceled out of. The Cancel and x buttons don’t seem to do anything. The only way I can see to close it is to click ok.


Another little bug:
Setting up password for first time do nothing if I click “Set” button
Tested on IE11 on Windows Server 2016/2019
(IE Enhanced Security Configuration was set OFF)
console error message in screenshot

In Firefox ESR 60.3 it works without problem.

How to share images and screenshots (just copy and paste!)
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I’ll take a look at this.

If you don’t enter anything in the Directory input box before clicking on the browsing button, does remote directory listing start from your home directory or from the root? (It should start from your home directory).

Chunk uploading error with Synology

Just wanted to add, I know some of this has been mentioned.

  1. Please do not use port 8080 :slight_smile: I immediately saw that and thought it would be an issue. Pick anything (someone said 3875 I think? or just 18080 or 9080, like I use on projects). I don’t see why, if this is an app, as opposed to a web server, you would need to use a common port like 8080. Since this be changed in config, we could always set what we prefer, but the default should be something non-standard and uncommon.
  2. Creation of backup job should allow use of CLI settings files, particularly filter files. OR, have an option to import job settings from CLI. In fact, if I pick a directory location to backup and there’s already a .duplicacy folder, the GUI should use those settings by default. Even if its only as a one time import. (when I say settings, I’m really interested in filters more than anything because of the time spent tweaking them)

Nice job on this! I like it!


Perfect, thank you. Created ~/.duplicacy-web/settings.json and added that (less the trailing comma) and it works nicely!


Another feature request:)
Can we have please remaining time for “Copy” operation like is there for “Backup”?

This is how “Backup” looks like:

And how “Copy” looks like:


I’ve uploaded a new beta with version number 0.2.1. Most bugs reported so far have been fixed.

The download links and changes can be found in the first post.


I’ll push back this feature to version 1.1.


I’m having a problem with the “Storages” page. When I click on it, I just get a blank white page. I’ve tried Firefox and Chromium, Windows and Linux, and it doesn’t work on either. I’m not sure if it matters, but my Backblaze bucket name has a - in it. Let me know if there’s any more info you need to help pin this down.

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The only thing I’ve noticed in 0.2.1 is a very minor UI issue on some clickable elements. While most UI elements that are clickable change the cursor appropriately (to a pointer style) when hovered over by the mouse to indicate that they are clickable, there are at least 6 places where the mouse does not change and it’s not as clear something can be clicked.

  1. Backups page > last backup status (e.g., “Completed last hour”)
  2. Backups page > Trial (license link)
  3. Schedules page > Parallel checkbox
  4. Schedules page > Options column
  5. Schedules page > Status column
  6. Schedules page > Send email after completion checkbox

An example of a link that changes the cursor style as expected is the Backups > Include/Exclude column.


If we should report minor issues: :slight_smile:
1.) In Firefox (not in anonymous window) every time I’m on and leave, for example clicking on SCHEDULES, popup from Firefox ask for saving password
(maybe because password **************** is pre-filled)

2.) I somehow managed to create localhost-1 to 5 in activities, no data in any of them.
On another machine I have only localhost-0 and 1. I cant see any localhost records in .duplicacy-web\stats\schedules

I remember that from the beginning I was little confused by that arrow, I thought it suggested wrapping the left panel, but not.

4.) It would be nice if we could somehow run check without creating dedicated schedule task for him. For example if we could run check from STORAGES tab. Or even better - if we could somehow run only selected task from schedule.


Not sure why this happened. Can you enable the inspect mode in the browser to check if there were any error messages in the browser console?


On Firefox, under the Console I get an error message that says

The character encoding of the plain text document was not declared. The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. The character encoding of the file needs to be declared in the transfer protocol or file needs to use a byte order mark as an encoding signature.

When I look at the Debugger, I see a message that says

Error loading this URI: Could not load the source for http://localhost:8080/storages.
[Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED) [nsIInputStream.available]” nsresult: “0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED)” location: “JS frame :: resource://devtools/shared/DevToolsUtils.js :: onResponse :: line 607” data: no]
Stack: onResponse@resource://devtools/shared/DevToolsUtils.js:607:25
Line: 607, column: 0

I don’t see any errors on Chromium. I’ll keep digging, using different browsers and computers. and see if I find anyhting else. I don’t think it’s a problem on my end, but I’m not 100% positive.


It may be worth looking at the log file (~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy-web.log if you didn’t change the logging directory). Might be some error messages there.

Also, is the page completely blank when you view the page source?


The only error that really stands out to me is the one that says

2018/11/12 00:39:17 Failed to read the stat file for storage ‘Backblaze’: open /home/johnn/.duplicacy-web/stats/storages/Backblaze.stats: no such file or directory

There’s also an error that says

2018/11/12 00:39:17 DEBUG BACKBLAZE_CALL URL request ‘HEAD https://f000.backblazeb2.com/file/JN-Duplicacy/nesting’ returned status code 404
2018/11/12 00:39:17 DEBUG BACKBLAZE_LIST b2_download_file_by_name did not return headers

I’ve checked, and it is correct that there is no stat file. And yes, when I view the page source it is completely blank. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.


Minor problem with graph key colours: the colours used by the graph lines are cycled, but later key entries for them are just black.



Hi all, can anyone point me to how to get this beta installed on a linux environment? I’m not sure how to get this version to run as a server on linux and I’d like to test it out.