Duplicacy Web Edition: How to restore *without* complete path structure

Hi there,
I am looking for a way in the Web UI to restore a file or a directory without its complete (deep) path structure which usually means a lot of empty upper level folders as some sort of unwanted overhead.
Does someone have a hint on this?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry there is no way to ‘flatten’ the path. The structure is always preserved by design.

This is one of the many, very common, requests/features/workflows that can be instantly enabled at no cost by having implemented this:

Specifically, in this case, user could just have copied the file or sub folder right from virtual backup history to where they need it at using standard OS tools.

I think that features provides the maximum possible bang per buck by solving, or making irrelevant, the whole class of problems and future feature requests.

Most of competitors offer this (notable and relatable examples: Kopia and Borg). Duplicacy should too.


thanks for the suggestion. Yes, some sort of mount option would be helpful but it would be somehow cumbersome for uses cases like "restore just this one file " or “restore just this directory”. I played aound with this featfeature in Kopia WebUI.

Without touching the design principles, would there be a possibility to add an option in the restore dialog to strip down the upper level directories before copying it to the restore target. I found something like that in the advanced options of Duplicati dont-compress-restore-paths. I would be happy to use such an option in Duplicacy Web Edition.

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