Duplicacy Web Portal Not Listing Files for Restore

Am I supposed to be able to see the files in the Restore Section of the Web Portal? When I select a Revision and Click on the Folder it never populates the folders and files? It goes through the listing phase and then all I can select for Restore is the folder named “Revision X”. I would assume I should be able to drill down into my backup and selectively restore files right? Even if I wait for awhile nothing happens. I have attached an image of the issue.

Screenshot 2021-03-31 224639

What happens when you click on a folder icon?

It works! You are my hero!

Thank you!

I would report it as an UX bug: it’s absolutely not obvious that the click on the icon can behave any differently than click on a text; they aren’t even visually separated.

Adding @gchen for awareness.

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I’ll find a solution and fix it in the next release.

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I get why it’s that way though being a FE mobile dev. Clicking the Text denotes what your selection to restore is, clicking the Icon expands the folder. Definitely a UX issue. You could have a checkbox denote the selection for restore, and make both the text and the icon serve to expand the folders. Or something similar, it’s been awhile since I have been in Web so I don’t know all the web UX paradigms anymore.

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