[duplicacy-web] Storage graphs fail to load

When I navigate to /storage there is a card for graphs (Size, Revisions, Chunks). However, the graph does not load due to an error within chartist.js.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelectorAll' of null
    at Object.c.createSvg (chartist.js:330)
    at e.d [as createChart] (chartist.js:3355)
    at e.h (chartist.js:1925)

duplicacy-web version: 1.0.0
browser: Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
storage type: b2

Please advise if you need further information.

Have you run a check job already? Any error in the log file (~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log)?

Yes, check jobs run successfully. The metadata above the graphs populates fine. There are no errors in the duplicacy_web.log. I see the GET for /storage and nothing further.

Also, I set up a local directory storage and those graphs don’t load either.

Were you able to reproduce this issue, @gchen? If not, can you help me understand if the data needed for those graphs are cached on disk and if so, where and what it looks like? I can then see if I can reproduce it in a fresh environment to provide more data.

If you message me the html source of that page I might be able to figure out what is wrong.

I’m able to reliably reproduce the issue in a test environment. The trigger for this bug seems to be a dot character in the storage name.

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I can confirm that the dots in the storage cause the issue. I’ll fix this bug in the next update.

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