Duplicacy Web Edition 1.2.0 is now available

New Features:

  • HTTP reports: New Feature: JSON backup report
  • Maximum run time for schedule
  • Allow global options to set for a job (such as -v)
  • Add an option to exclude log messages with certain IDs when sending email notifications

Bug fixes:

It can be downloaded from https://duplicacy.com/download.html.


How do you update the web-ui? Do you just install it over the existing installation?

BTW: a link to the releases would be helpful.


You’ve probably figured out, yes, just run the installer to overwrite the existing installation.

I added a link to the Download page.


I uploaded a new version 1.2.1, which is almost identical to 1.2.0, except that the macOS package has now been notarized following Apple’s requirements.


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For the second, i had to open CMD as administrator for it to do the job of removing the service - it didn’t work without it. So I suspect for the former you need to “run as administrator” (admin cmd allowed me to run the uninstaller with the --uninstall-service switch).

Update: On a different test, I ran the GUI uninstaller as administrator - and it removed the service successfully. So i think the instructions above should state that those steps need to be done with administrator on Windows.

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