Duplicacy with administrator rights


The first time I launched Duplicacy without administrator rights and made a backup.
The “enable VSS box” was greyed out.
I launched again Duplicacy with administrator rights and ticked this box (VSS) then reactivated the backup.
I got this message "Backup operation return an error, shadow copy creation failed ERROR. AddtoSnapschotset return 800423f “etc…”
After a new launch of Duplicacy without administrator rights I have this Duplicacy error message "The Duplicacy service may be backing up the same repository. You need to run with administrator privileges to manage the service ".
What service is running and how do I solve this problem of VSS please?

My O.S. : Windows 10 64bits

Thanks in advance and my apologize for my bad English.

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Transfer jobs in HKCU/HKLM from regular user to admin user of Duplicacy

You need to run Duplicacy with administrator rights in order to enable the VSS.

The error 0x800423f is usually caused by insufficient free space on your drive to perform the shadow copy operation.

When you run Duplicacy with administrator rights or as a service, the configuration is read from HKLM/Software/Duplicacy. Otherwise it is from HKCU/Software/Duplicacy. If Duplicacy detects HKLM/Software/Duplicacy/Repository and HKCU/Software/Duplicacy/Repository have the same value it will throw that error because it isn’t sure if the Duplicacy service is backing up the same repository.


Thanks a lot for these clarifications.
I now better understand the operation of the software.
Thank you also for the registry data.

Good continuation for your software.

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