Transfer jobs in HKCU/HKLM from regular user to admin user of Duplicacy


I want to copy files that require Duplicacy running at admin privileges.

Let me start off by stating that I strongly agree with what was posted here about some notice when running the installer concerning administrator privileges:

I originally did not install the program with admin privileges. I have now done this.

The problem is that I set-up a bunch of jobs before having the admin privileges path. So, if I launch Duplicacy without the admin privileges, I still see those jobs. If I launch Duplicacy with admin privileges, I do not see those jobs. It is blank.

I looked in the registry and clearly see the jobs all listed in one versus the other with HKCU and HKLM. I got that insight by reading this posting:

My question is how can I easily move the jobs to now exist under the ‘Run as Administrator’ version of Duplicacy?

I really am hoping that I will not have to recreate all those jobs again.

I continue to see them when I launch the program without administrator privileges. However, one of those jobs is going to be copying the various User profiles on the machine and I need admin privileges to do this.



@gchen could you step in here please?


You can export HKCU\Software\Duplicacy to a file and then import to HKLM\Software\Duplicacy.


That work in that the jobs now show when launching the program with administrator rights. I did transfer for them over.

I also went in and deleted the jobs for when I launch the program without administrator rights just so I would have a visual signal in case I had launched it without administrator rights.

What I am confused about is that I now see all the jobs listed in both sections of the registry. I would have thought it would have deleted the jobs from the registry in the one section as I deleted in the opening of the program (version where I did not launch with administrator rights).

Or, maybe it is one of those things that needs the computer to reboot to clear them out. I did launch and relaunch the program a couple of times to see if it would clear it out, doing both with and without administrator rights.


Bare in mind that you have to remember to right-click the tray icon and Quit Duplicacy when switching between run as user and run as administrator, as launching the Duplicacy desktop shortcut while Duplicacy is already running, will do nothing.

Why don’t you remove HKCU\Software\Duplicacy registry key directly (after Quitting Duplicacy first!) to clear out the settings completely? That should be perfectly OK to do if you only want to run as administrator.

Also, I’d suggest edit the Duplicacy desktop shortcut to run as administrator always (Properties > Shortcut tab > Advanced button).


Yes, I have specifically stopped Duplicacy when switching between login styles (user vs launch as administrator).

I am okay with manually deleting from the registry but would feel more comfortable if @gchen advised this was okay and would not screw up something.

On the desktop shortcut, fully concur and had already done this.



Yes, this should be ok.


Thanks for the help and answer. I will make as closed.