Email Alert/Cron Setup Questions

  1. Can I setup Duplicacy to email me when a backup completes/fails, if so how? I couldn’t see anything on the Wiki?
  2. How do I add the backup task to a cron job on the ARM Version of Duplicacy? I’m running this on a Synology Rack Station if thats of any help?

Linux syn-01 3.2.40 armv7l GNU/Linux synology_armadaxp_rs815

  1. Pre Command and Post Command Scripts
  2. Use DSM native task scheduler. (Control Panel -> Task Scheduler-> Create -> Scheduled Task -> User Defined Script. On the last page, Task Settings, you can configure an answer to your first question as well. But this is not a duplicacy question. This is Synology question.
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Thanks for the helpful response again @saspus.

Regarding point 1. It’s all very well running a script after the Duplicacy for example. If I setup a script to email that a backup has completed. However, if Duplicacy fails how am I then going to make that email me on an error…? or include the error code? Surprised this isn’t built within Duplicacy as its within Vertical?


Quoting from here DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.

  • To receive run details of the task, select Send run details by email .
  • To get notified only when abnormalities occur, select Send run details only when the script terminates abnormally .
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Here is the wiki page on the exit codes: Exit codes details

There was a discussion on this topic: CLI Error Codes?

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Thank you both @saspus and @gchen. I’ve set this up on the UI so fingers crossed when the job runs on Friday everything goes smoothly.

Take a look at this topic: