Pre Command and Post Command Scripts



You can instruct Duplicacy to run a script before or after executing a command.

For example, if you create a bash script with the name pre-prune under the .duplicacy/scripts directory, this bash script will be run before the prune command starts. A script named post-prune will be run after the prune command finishes.

This rule applies to all commands except init.

On Windows these scripts should have the .bat extension in their names, while on linux they should have no extension.

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This is actually pretty easy to do from both linux and windows from a separate batch or sh script that can be used to run all of your scripts in a row. This can also be done in Windows via the Task Scheduler to run one script after another at a certain time. Possibly with cron in linux, but I haven’t messed with cron jobs in a while.


Ha. I didn’t realize this was a how-to and not a feature request. Well, here’s another option anyway.

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