ERROR STORAGE_CREATE Failed to load the OneDrive

The whole error is

2019-05-27 14:05:24.618 ERROR STORAGE_CREATE Failed to load the OneDrive storage at one://duplicacy: invalid character ‘}’ after top-level value


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My one drive token had an extra closing } at the end of it somehow. I definitely didn’t modify it – my backups have been working fine for a few weeks.

Could this be the same thing as the issue in your other thread here?

My first thought was also that it could have been caused by multiple threads attempting to refresh the token file at the same time, but I found that there is already a lock in place to prevent this:

So maybe this was caused by ioutil.WriteFile not calling Sync(): src/io/ioutil/ioutil.go - The Go Programming Language

I have the same issue now on duplicacy 2.7.2
Is there a fix for it?