Error when connecting GUI to B2 Bucket created with CLI


I’ve been testing the Linux CLI to do backups to B2 and am now experimenting with the Mac GUI but get the following error if I try to connect the GUI to the existing B2 bucket that I’ve been using with the CLI.

ERROR Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Failed to retrieve the config file: Unsupported encryption version 1

If I connect the GUI to a new bucket I have no issues.

The existing bucket is currently about 60% through a 1.5-2TB backup job but there are previous snapshots in place already from smaller tests (all done by CLI).

The storage is initialized with CLI 2.0.10 which introduced a new format for the config file, but the GUI 2.0.9 doesn’t support the new format. The beta version of 2.1.0 from Version 2.1.0 beta is available for testing should work.

Nice, that’s working now. Thanks!

Just one observation, not sure if it’s by design but you can’t copy and paste the storage password into the GUI when setting up the repository.

The GUI version can’t read previously stored passwords. But you should be able to copy a password from another program and paste into the password input.

Definitely doesn’t let me copy and paste into the gui storage password prompt when setting up b2 bucket. The other fields work fine. Not a biggy, I don’t have to enter it that often.

Sorry I thought you meant those plain text inputs that take b2 credentials. For a password input I think it is safer if copy and paste is disable, since otherwise you could paste a wrong password without noticing it.

Just a small comment, for those using password managers with 100+ char log passwords, being able to not paste passwords is a big issue. I am able to paste passwords for repositories in the current beta, but I have not looked into the storage credential fields.

I’ll try to check if the password inputs (those masked ones) can be made ‘pasteable’.