Failed to Load SFTP Storage: Synology Docker

Hello, I’m using the Duplicacy GUI (on Docker, using the saspus image) to setup a backup of one Synology NAS to another. I currently have SFTP enabled on port 22 of the NAS that the backups will live on, and I am able to log in with terminal SFTP on my computers to that NAS and navigate around and see the folder structure I have there. Both units are on my local network. However, when I enter in the local IP:port of the backup NAS as well as the login, I am hit with:

Failed to load the SFTP storage at sftp://backup-nas-account@ dial tcp connect: connection timed out

in the GUI window. Could this be an issue with Docker?

Well, I disabled the port mapping in Docker to allow for the installation of the compiled Synology package for my device here:

and it seems to be able to connect now. Will update here if there are further issues.

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