Synology packages for testing

I finally managed to successfully build packages for Synology NAS:

These packages are named with the Package Arch types. To find the package for your SynologyNAS, go to this page to check the Package Arch type by the model number. Not all models are supported.

Also, if you notice the version number, this 1.4.3 version has many changes since the last 1.4.1 release but there won’t be a 1.4.3 release. Instead, there will be a few more changes and the next official release will be 1.5.0 which should be available by the end of next week.


Is there one for Geminilake architecture? or is that the x64 one?

Can you try if the x64 one works? I don’t have a x64-based model so I can’t test.

The x64 one doesn’t work. I have a DS920+.

This package is not supported on the platform of Synology NAS or is incompatible with the current DSM version..

As a side question, does the package run as root or as a separate user where explicit permissions need to be granted to the folders that need to be backed up?

Great idea - thank you for sharing this.
Two questions:
First - how would a necessary upgrade be triggered?
Second - what is the status of this package? Is it beta or could it be used in a production environment?

Merry Christmas - and a great evening,


Dear @gchen ,

would you mind giving me a feedback?
Sorry for pushing, but I amn currently in the phase of rebuilding my Duplicacy setup on a Synology NAS - so this would be an ideal support :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Sorry for being less responsive recently. I promise it will become normal again in the new year.

An upgrade will need to be done manually. The review process to get the package to Synology Package Center will take a long time, I was just told.

Regarding the status of this package, there could be some bugs in the scripts that starts and stops the web GUI (I only have one Synology NAS and couldn’t test other platforms at all), but the web GUI itself should be quite reliable. However, considering this version (1.4.3) has many changes since the previous version (1.4.1) I would hold off for a production environment until a few weeks later.

I’ll upload a geminilake package next week.

No issues - thank you for supporting us here.
As said - for me it was just the question on where to use my time to - and I will use the stable web edition 1.4.1.

Have a wonderful - and possibly more boring :wink: - year 2021.


Has anyone has had a chance to try this yet?

I just saw this and unfortunately renewed my license for 3 more years as a single-computer license (d’oh!) a couple of hours ago so I can’t test it myself on a second install.

Not yet. I have been running duplicacy-web using @saspus approach (Duplicacy Web on Synology Diskstation without Docker | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends) with no issues (as long as I have all the permissions set correctly as its running as a separate user).

I’d need to experiment with the migration path to move my current settings to the new directories and add back in all the extra stuff (DUPLICACY_ATTRIBUTE_THRESHOLD, OOM settings etc).

The package seems to be storing stuff into different directories so it may not be just a straight move of the .duplicacy-web folder