Files-from -- filter by mtime size


This is about the cli version.

Is there an option that only files that are listed in a file are included? This way I could use commands like find that offer all kinds of filters so that only files I want to backup are selected.

Background: I want to exclude files based on their mtime and exclude based on name and size etc. Just using the output of the command find which offers infinite combinations would be the easiest thing for me. If this is not possible: Can I filter by mtime or size?

I didn’t find a solution in the help and this forum.

Thanks for this great software.


Right now there’s no such option. There would be a way by using the filters file, but that would be cumbersome for a lot of files (what i imagine you want to do).

I don’t think you can do that. Duplicacy goes by the philosophy “backup everything possible under this folder” (the repository) and ignore whatever is in the filters file.


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Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll periodically check the duplicacy site for updates - maybe one day filtering by time will be introduced …

I have several terabyte of data so that I would have to pay a lot (at least a lot for me) for a full cloud backup (even after deduplication and compression). I just use the cloud as a temporary off-site backup for files that are new or changed.


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