FreeNas + Webui startup password

I’m setting up the webui in a freenas jail. Having to specify a password to unlock the config file is non optimal. For example, if I forget after a reboot the backups won’t start (correct?). Is there a way to avoid this requirement?

Recent version of Duplicacy web will only ask once. Subsequent starts would no longer require unlock password.

  • Store the master password encrypted by a UUID on Linux if keyring isn’t available [3]

[3] This basically means DWE_PASSWORD is no longer needed on Linux even if gnome-keyring isn’t installed.

Thanks for the information
I have this binary
but on every launch it prompts for the password.

What am I doing wrong do you think? I don’t see the behaviour your describe.

No idea honestly. Maybe FreeBSD version behaves differently then the Linux one?

FreeNAS supports Docker, and there are a bunch of Linux based containers available for duplicacy_web; see if they behave as intended.

And then maybe you can run Linux version directly? It’s a self-contained monolithic executable, maybe it will just work as-is/via Linux compatibility layer?

ya that’s my only though. I’ll wait and see if anyone else or gchen themselves has insight.

Right, this keyring change in the latest version was only made for linux, not freebsd. I’ll fix this in the next release.

Ah ok. I was able to work around it for now with DWE_PASSWORD.