Duplicacy Web Edition 1.4.1 is now available


  • Add an email_skip_verify key to schedules in duplicacy.json for disabling TLS certificate check when sending email notifications [1]
  • Add a nobackup_file key to repositories in duplicacy.json for setting the nobackup_file option for backups [2]
  • Reverse the revision list to show most recent revision first when listing revisions on the Restore page
  • Store the master password encrypted by a UUID on Linux if keyring isn’t available [3]
  • Fixed a bug that caused toggling CLI version to error out without a settings.json file
  • Refresh licenses 7 days earlier than needed so a temporary network issue doesn’t stop backups
  • Fixed a cipher error when using an SSH private key encrypted by an algorithm other than aes256-cbc: Which ciphers does duplicacy support for SFTP?

Downloads can be found at https://duplicacy.com/download.html

[1] To disable the certificate check when sending emails, quit the web GUI, then edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to change the email_skip_verify value:

            "email_excluded_logs": "",
            "email_skip_verify": true

[2] To set the nobackup_file option, quit the web GUI, then edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to change the nobackup_file value:

                    "report_url_on_failure": false,
                    "nobackup_file": ".nobackup",
                    "filters": false,

The new value will then be passed to the preferences file created under ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/*/.duplicacy.

[3] This basically means DWE_PASSWORD is no longer needed on Linux even if gnome-keyring isn’t installed.


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Are you saying that you cannot use filters in conjunction with a nobackup_file?

No. It just happens that the backup I used as an example doesn’t have the filters set up.

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