Getting starting with Web Version: Select an existing backup ID in the storage

I’m a brand new user, and following the advice in this post have installed the Web Edition. I’ve set up a storage location (local hard disk), and want to create my first backup.

In the “Add a new backup” screen, I see directory, storage, and then “Backup ID”.

What is Backup ID? When I click the icon to the right of it, (a green icon that looks a bit like a list), it says “Select an existing backup ID in the storage”.

I don’t really know that that means, but since I don’t have any existing backups then surely I won’t have any existing IDs.

I tried typing random characters into the “Backup ID” box but unsurprisingly that didn’t work.

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You can type whatever you want but it has to be unique…

I think in the earlier GUI version, it auto filled the backup (repository) ID based on the format MACHINENAME-USERNAME-DIRECTORYNAME, where directory name was the last directory in the hierarchy i.e. C:\User\Bob would end up being BOB and the resulting ID would be BOB-PC-BOB-BOB.

Personally, I use machinename-full_path e.g. dolores-c_users_droolio

So long as it’s unique, uses only alphanumeric, underscore or dash and doesn’t have spaces, you can use whatever you want.


Thank you! IMHO, this is a real speedbump in the UX. It’s unintuitive to say the least. At the very least, some suggestions could be offered on that screen to give people a bit of guidance for what to input.

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On a related note - what does having two or more backups with the same backup ID do? In the computer world, typically an ID is a unique identifier.

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That can be useful when you need to restore the backup to a different location: Restore to a different folder or computer

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I tested having Backup A with ID “testing” and Backup B with ID “testing” and it seemed that the latest “testing” revision only had files from Backup B.

This is how it is supposed to work. When you use the same Backup ID, Duplicacy will treat them as from the same source directory.

Am I correct that “Backup ID” in the Web Edition is, in fact, what is labeled as the “Snapshot ID” in the CLI? Is there a reason for the mismatched nomenclature I’m overlooking?

This is correct. For web GUI users I wanted to avoid terms such as snapshot or repository but apparently this may create confusion for those who are familiar with the CLI nomenclature like you…

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