Google Drive speeds are extremely slow on Web/Docker

I just finished setting up a G Suite account and my Duplicacy docker container (web edition 1.2.0 from the container by saspus) and my upload and download speeds to Gogole Drive are really slow. I’m averaging less than 2mb/s on my first test encrypted backup that I’m running.

My connection is 1gbps symmetrical fiber and I’m not currently having any other issues.

As a sanity check, I set up a Wasabi trial and the same backup to Wasabi averages more like 15mb/s.

Any ideas why Google Drive is so ridiculously slow? At this rate it will be months before I can successfully complete my initial backup.

It’s a consumer-oriented product. Google imposes poorly documented and sometimes seemingly arbitrary API limits on it. Directory listing is also very slow.

In addition to API rate limiting, they’ll also cap your uploads to 750 GB (possibly 1 TB now?) per day – regardless of how fast your internet is.

How much data do you have to backup? You can probably max out the daily upload limit by using -threads 8 and -limit-rate 8680 as options.


Total backup size is around 5TB but I tried starting with a simple test of 100GB. So it was less than 2mb/s right off the bat with a small enough backup that shouldn’t trigger their daily limit.

Edit: setting to -threads 8 drastically increased the speed – near 20mb/s now for upload. Going up to -threads 30 gets me 120mb/s upload. How high can we safely go with Google? I saw the guidance in the docs says it generally doesn’t make sense to go above 30 threads.

Edit 2: I’m guessing -limit-rate 8680 is to keep it under 750GB/day, thanks for that guidance. I’ll just set it exactly how you said with 8 threads and 8680 rate and we’ll go from there. Should finish the whole backup in a week.


I’ve also had inexplicable slowdowns from Google, where there’s not really anything I can do to make it go faster, it’s just really slow on their end. That doesn’t sound like your problem, but it can happen.