Here is an article I wrote for using the CLI to backup to Storj Cloud (beta, re-writing sections)

Let me know what ya’ll think!

Duplicacy supports storj properly. Via access grant. There is no reason to revert to S3.

I’m rechecking to see if I can find it.

Ok, I went back to my account and created new access grant with API.

I got a Satellite address and API key but it’s not working.

This is the format I used:


I get the error, “incorrect usage”.

Using Storj as S3 storage actually works so I’m not sure what the advantage of trying to use it natively is.

Not sure why things are flaky on my end. But I created a second API key and now it’s working!


With all respect, but expertise, including on this topic, need to be gained before you embark on writing an article on the topic. Otherwise what’s the value of yet another write up on how to connect duplicacy to generic S3?

If you mention storj in the title — it would be useful to explain storage grants, passcodes, relation to S3 credentials and buckets, benefits of decentralized storage, drawbacks of S3 gateway, because stor’s documentation is a bit muddy at the moment.

Or remove storj from the title of your write up and use Amazon S3 endpoint as an example.

Because as of today your well typeset article lacks substance.

I’m rewriting it to implement some of your suggestions.

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