How duplicacy walks through the data?

Does it go through metadata or the files themselves?

I’m asking because I’m setting up a new raid whereas there is both hdd and ssd and I’m keeping the metadata on both.

I wonder if backup using duplicacy will spin up the ssd or not that’s what I want to avoid.


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After the initial backup, I think duplicacy generates a file listing and then (by default) uses the file metadata to determine if the file has been changed since the last backup; if so, then it will go through the file’s data.

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No idea if Duplicacy will spin up your SSD (think you mean HDD? :slight_smile: ) but by default it looks at the metadata to see if it’s changed (i.e. file size and modification timestamps) and not the contents. If you want it to double-check the contents, you can run it with the -hash option.

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Yes I meant HDD.

Thanks to both!