How to backup Duplicacy settings in Synology

I’m using Duplicacy with a Synology NAS with the DuplicacyWeb front-end.

Recently I updated DSM and “lost” all backup settings (repos, schedules, etc.).

After reinstalling the Synology package for Duplicacy, I had to re-enter the storage parameters, and redefine backup paths to run checks to see the backup versions again. Now I must re-enter the backup schedules to get back to where I was pre-DSM update.

How can I back up Duplicacy Web’s settings for storage, backup, and schedule in a way that I can restore these, the next time Synology decides to take out my Duplicacy settings (maybe I should figure out scripting instead of relying on the web front-end?).

I SSH’d around /volume1 and didn’t see anything obvious that appeared to relate to settings.

Thanks (FWIW I’m on DSM 6.x).

Settings are stored under /volumes/@appstore/duplicacy so you can back up this directory.

However, I believe the reason the backup settings were lost after a DSM upgrade was only because the symlink to the web GUI executable was removed from /usr/local. You can recreate the symlink with this command:

ln -s /volumes/@appstore/duplicacy/usr/bin/duplicacy_web /usr/bin/

Thank you. After reinstalling Duplicacy Web, that link was created. If this occurs again, I’ll recreate the link before reinstalling the front-end package.

Still, with that link in place, I have missing repos and schedules which must be re-created. I’m wondering where those are stored.