How to pronounce duplicacy?

I was wondering what’s the correct pronunciation of “duplicacy” and since this off-topic question triggered some answers, I guess it’s time to move those into a topic of their own.

So here we go. This was my suggestion:

In my mind, the - acy is pronounced as in privacy . So that would put the emphasis on the syllable pli in duplicacy, but in some versions of English perhaps it’s also possible to ephasize the du . I’m not a native speaker…

Then Gilbert replied:

This is how it sounded in my head (Note: I’m English speaking Australian)

  1. Go to following site Free Text to Speech Online with Natural Voices
  2. Type in “Duplicacy” into text box area
  3. Select “English (UK) - Rachel”
  4. Select “Speed -2”
  5. Press play

Spend the next 2 hours testing different voices and wasting your time! :slight_smile:


…that is, with a light stress on the “dup”.

That’s how I was pronouncing it in my head too (FWIW I’m a native UK English speaker).



Looking at these pronunciations in American English:

“duplicate” -> “d(j)upləˌkeɪt”
“duplicity” -> “d(j)uˈplɪsədi”
“duplication” -> “ˌd(j)upləˈkeɪʃ(ə)n”
“efficacy” -> “E ˈɛfəkəsi”
“advocacy” -> “ædvəkəsi”
“intricacy” -> "ˈɪntrəkəsi "

it follows, fairly unambigously, that “duplicacy” should be pronounced “d(j)uˈplɪkəsi” doesn’t it?
FWIF macOS text-to-speech voice Alex pronounces it just like that.


I am not English speaking, and in my view, this word (“duplicacy”) seems Italian))