How to schedule once per 24h backup


I want to schedule a backup so that it would run immediately if no backup has been performed in the last 24h.
Currently I have just some random time as starting time and frequency as daily - but this does not start backup until next “random time”.
I certainly don’t want to slow my system down by scheduling the backups to run every 1h or something like that.
Is there some way to achieve this?

The web GUI doesn’t have this option.

Ok, can I expect this to be fixed in some version?
Currently the lack of this seems to totally defeat the “set it and forget it” approach that automatic backup should have. At least for non-server computers that are not turned on 24/7.

A workaround would be to schedule the backup via Windows Task Scheduler (or equivalent on other systems) which allows you to have missed tasks performed as soon as possible (rather than waiting till the next scheduled occurrence. See here:

Thanks for mentioning that.
Although in this case I’ll rather tolerate hourly backups for a (hopefully short) time until this is fixed.
I certainly did not buy the GUI to start messing with scripts.

This isn’t really a fix, right? I like this idea, but it seems like a feature request: specifically, a new schedule type.

I think in order to accomplish what you want (at most one backup every 24 hours) there’d need to be a schedule type that accepts only a time period. Then the web GUI would have to check repeatedly while it’s running if the schedule had been run in the past interval and kick a run off if not.

Are you seeing significant resource consumption from hourly runs? Unless you have a huge number of files and/or files in the repositories are changing often, Duplicacy should be able to start and finish quickly without having to do much. Or at least, that’s how my backups go if little changed.

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