How to use recent duplicacy_web release in a docker container

@gchen Docker Container, please.
Than we can used your Great Work on Unraid or other Docker Management Platforms.

Gchen does not provide or maintain docker container. You can write your own, or use any of the published ones by other users.

Is this maybe yours? Docker And can you updated your Docker Container.
Do you have a Support Thread or so for your Container.

Yes, that one is mine.

There is no need to update it. I only update it if the upstream image fixes some security issues that affects the container.

You can use :mini tag and select which version of duplicacy to use with DUPLICACY_WEB_VERSION environment variable. It’s set to Stable by default, but you can set it to anything else, including 1.8.0. Then restart the container.

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Can you set stable to the 1.8? I can see that the last update on the Docker Hub Site are 5 Months ago and no 1.8.x Entry, the last is 1.7.x. 5 Months without Security or other Updates for the based minimal OS that running the Docker Container🤔
Go Update and other Bug fixes are in 1.8.

I don’t have any control over what goes to stable and latest channels.

Container checks this url: to find our stable and latest versions.

If you want 1.8.0 you will need to provide that in the environment variable until that URL starts reporting 1.8.0

There are none that are relevant to running duplicacy. Do you have any specific one in mind?

There won’t be any going forward. The :latest tag is deprecated. Next time i update container both mini and latest will be identical. (I.e. latest will have the same content as mini).

To summarize, download :mini image (it has been recommended one for a while now, see the page you linked to) and set environment variable to 1.8.0 if you want to use 1.8.0 right away.

Than can @gchen change this?

The updated Go from the changelog, maybe or the Bug that are fixed.

That’s in the duplicacy. Not in the container. Container uses base alpine Linux image.

What prevents you from setting env variable manually?

This one? saspus/duplicacy-web:mini:1.8.0

Please refer to the second paragraph in my comment above. How to use recent duplicacy_web release in a docker container - #4 by saspus

Its working.
You used saspus/duplicacy-web:mini and add the Variable DUPLICACY_WEB_VERSION with the Entry 1.8.0 in the Unraid Template.

Many Thanks!

Than we are waiting for the published of 1.8.0 over the latest Version from URL. for all.