Import settings from the GUI version?

Will the web version import backup jobs and settings from the GUI version?


I’m wondering this too - the answer seems to be no. On the couple of machines I’ve tried it on I’ve had to reselect all the backup details which isn’t a disaster but just a little bit of a pain!

Is there any documentation or a post that describes how to manually switch over from the GUI version to the web version? I’m just a bit worried about messing things up and screwing up my existing backups.

Honestly, the way Duplicacy is designed, you’d find it hard to mess things up - so long as you don’t manually tinker with the storage files, you’ll be fine…

When adding the storage, point it to the same URL - it should tell you that it’s already initialized and to put the password.

When adding repositories (Backup tab) - if you’re just doing a straight migration and want to take off from where you left, just select the same IDs from the pull-down, for each respective repository directory.

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What about things like excluded files/folders?

Good point.

Obviously if you do have excludes, it’s easiest just re-add them manually and directly in the GUI. And replicate all your schedules. You won’t screw up existing backups.

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Easiest would be if the program imported backup jobs, settings, and schedules from its earlier version. But I guess that’s too much to ask.

Yeah that’s true, but unfortunately we don’t have that. There are too many changed things between the 2 versions.

Hey thanks for the suggestion Droolio. I gave i a try as you’ve suggested. First scheduled backup is due to run in an hour so will see how it goes.

I see a few improvements as compared to the GUI, which is nice, but also a few puzzling things (e.g. how to manually run a “check” operation, whether prune and check operations should be checked to run concurrently with backup when in the same schedule, etc.). Also managed to freeze it completely when I was trying to set up e-mail notices.

Thanks again. Fingers crossed.

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