Invalid or expired license After Macos Upgrade

I have been running Duplicacy version 2.7.2 on Mac OS Big Sur with now problems. I have configured Duplicacy to launch the Web GUI on computer boot-up and for all files that may not be in a user’s account home folder.

However, after upgrading to Macos Monterey, I got an ‘Invalid or Expired License’ error when running a backup. In the Web GUI under the ‘Backup’ tab, I noticed the ‘Unlicensed’ status link. To update the license, I first needed to update the host in my Duplicacy customer account (Reference: "Invalid or expired license" failure on MacOS update and

I updated the host name to the host returned in Terminal using ‘hostname’ command. The license link under the Web GUI backup tab shows ‘Personal’ now, but I still get an ‘Invalid or expired license’ message when running a backup.

I tried running ‘defaults delete com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy Signature’ in Terminal, but get a ‘Domain (com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy) not found’ message.

What else can I try to get past the Invalid license issue?

Update: Manually running a check or prune job from scheduled backups works, but backup jobs return the Invalid or expired license message.

When you click on that link, paste activation code, and press activate – what happens? Does it register itself or still fails?

Also you may want to check duplicacy_web.log for hints of what could have happened.

Prune, check, and restore don’t require license, only backup does, this is by design

Clicking on license link and pasting license appears to accept code and register.

Checking in duplicacy_web.log:

  1. Previous backup jobs that failed: ‘Failed to request a license: activate’
  2. Re-pasting license code: 'POST /activate_license 'and 'A new license has been downloaded for '.
  3. Running a backup job again from Web GUI is now running successfully.

I do not know why it now works after pasting the activation code in again (a third time). I repasted it earlier and backups still did not work. If I get any more clues, or issues, I’ll update this post.

From your original post it seems you did not try to re-activate it again after fixing the hostname, if this is the case – then that’s your answer.

I thought I re-activated license AFTER changing my hostname, but may not have. Thanks!