"Invalid or expired license" failure on MacOS update

Hi there, I’ve been running the Web-GUI version of Duplicacy on my Mac since it first became available. I love it, but there’s one issue that has bugged me for some time, and that I’ve finally pinned to a cause: Every now and then the backups would stop running (all else working ok) and display a message on the Schedule page: “Invalid or expired license”.

I’ve now pinned that down to occurring whenever a MacOS update is applied.

The issue is not difficult to resolve - I simply re-enter the Activation Code into the License Activation panel. But it’s been frustrating for several reasons:

  1. The time interval between updates is long enough that I forget each time what I discovered the last time it happened. (Ok, I’m getting old. :frowning:)
  2. No log file is written. None at all - not even a one-liner with the message in it. This makes it hard to determine at what point the failures started to occur.
  3. Finding where to apply the license code is counter-intuitive. Most general settings are in the “Setting” tab, but the License Activation panel is buried under a single word on the “Backup” tab. The “Dashboard” I could have understood - that’s for status, but the “Backup” tab?
  4. Even when I find the License Activation panel, it shows nothing to indicate the license status. It doesn’t even show a partial version of the license code for me to compare with my saved copy of the good one. So I have to guess that entering the code might fix the issue.

It’s great software, Gilbert, but obscure usability issues like this put me off recommending it to other less technical people.


The license activation link is on the Backup page because it was planned to support setting up backups for multiple remote computers but that hasn’t been implemented. I agree we should be moved it to the Setting page.

I think the real issue here is why the license check failed after OS upgrade. The license server should have handled it gracefully. Unfortunately the server logs do not have enough details to explain it. I’ll add more debugging there so next time it happens again I should be able to figure it out.

Thanks, Gilbert, for the prompt reply.

Yes, the real issue is the license check.
It would be very useful, both for this issue and any other associated with license expiry, if something could be written to the backup log. Currently no backup log is written at all. It looks like the backup task is terminated as soon as the license check fails, before anything is written to the log.

For those of us who skim the logs to do exception reporting, a failure record would give something to report. As it stands, no log means nothing to report.