Invalid or Expired License - Sudden Error Message



Hi, I’ve been using the web-ui for a while now, and I applied a paid license to it a couple of months ago.

Suddenly my scheduled backups are failing with the error “Invalid or Expired License”.

However, when I click the “Personal” link in the backup section to check my license it confirms I have a valid license: 21
“This computer is running with a personal license that will expire on 2021-01-19”

I searched for this in the forums and found a macos terminal command to run, but that doesn’t work either:
defaults delete com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy License
2019-03-22 07:17:46.800 defaults[4355:1776078]
Domain (com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy) not found.
Defaults have not been changed.

What can I do to fix this?


The saga continues. I quit and restarted the app, now it’s telling me “This computer is running with a trial license that has already expired.”

When I try to apply my license key from the customer portal, it gives me the error message “Failed to download the license: License error: Activation code has already been assigned to host localhost. Please log in to your Duplicacy customer page to change the host”

What do I do?


Go to Log in required and click on the link that says localhost under the Host column. Then you can change it to the host name of your computer.