Is backing up to a samba share from Linux supported?

I’ve seen samba shares mentioned a couple of times in the forum, but always from the context of backing up to one from a Windows client using UNC in the share path. Does duplicacy allow you to back up to Samba shares from Linux clients as well? If so, how would you specify the path?


Samba storage is supported, yep.

Well this is bizarre…I created a new repository with the following command:

duplicacy init -e -storage-name "foo" desktop-foo samba://samba-duplicacy@target/backup/

I started the backup and it began uploading chunks, but there is no data showing up on the samba server at all and no connections from the client show up in netstat. Where could it be uploading to? Is the storage setup command I used wrong?

edit: It looks like that backed up to a local folder in the same directory. So clearly samba:// is not the correct storage path for samba shares, even though after looking at the source it’s supposed to parse and use it. Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot @gchen or am I misunderstanding something?

You need to mount the samba share first and then use the mounted path as the storage url. The “samba://” prefix is only to enable the local cache which is by default disabled for local storages.

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Thanks for the clarification–it would probably be good to add this to the documentation. I’ll probably switch to SFTP as the backend due to the complexity of temporarily mounting samba shares for the backup without root permissions.

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