Is this project dead?

I haven’t read through the whole thread here, but i read some comments with interest about the target market, enthusiast, normies etc.

I think this project is great for enthusiasts and power users atm, but the doco is lacking. I think what it mostly needs to get more normies on board is the webUI needs a pretty major overhaul (i’ve made suggestions a while ago there) and the documentation needs… to exist :slight_smile: I tried it on Linux yesterday after a couple of years away (atm, i only use the webUI on Windows PCs, and i use Borg on my Linux devices) and the doco basically just says “doesn’t need to be installed”. And that’s about it. Doesn’t even say that the file even needs to be made executable after download :slight_smile: Doesn’t say you need a systemd or cron job or provide examples ready-made.

This is a great blog post by senior (boss?) KDE developer Nate about different ‘classes’ of users and how it should affect interface design:

I couldn’t find it, but i recall another article from somewhere else that talked about the danger of attracting ‘normies’ to FOSS projects. But i don’t think that applies as much for Duplicacy. I suspect it wasn’t done for this reason, but what i think this software has going for it is the small paywall. It keeps those users away who are not remotely technically inclined, who demand free, and demand their needs be met without contributing in any way other than their idea (which may even be a good one). I call it a paywall, because while the CLI is free, that will not appeal to the noob and they won’t generally come here for it unless they have the right mind-set.

So yeah, i also agree that improving the WebUI is of vital importance to getting more moderately technical users interested to become paid users. I’ve set Duplicacy up on 3 PCs via the WebUI. 95% of the settings are the same. I would be great to be able to import/export for example. It’d be great to only have to input the email details once (needs a separate area for email info which can be stored). I know i could grab files from somewhere, but i’d probably have to ask on the forum, because the doco is inadequate.

I’m not a noob, but i’m not a Linux administrator either. I’m an in-between user. There’s a lot of us as potential customers :slight_smile:

Sadly, i do not know the product well enough to contribute to the documentation. And i’m not encouraged to either (can i do a merge request via GitHub?). I did such a thing on Borg doco - i suggested an edit to improve clarification via GitHub, and it was accepted.

So good! :slight_smile:

Here’s some of my previous suggestions or contributions to others’ (i don’t think they’re on the Roadmap):

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