Make 'the activation dialog' easier to find + other UI improvements

Can’t figure out where to enter my registration code for the GUI version on Windows.


FOUND IT! Kind of hard to find, but it’s under the Backup tab, next to the word ‘localhost’, top left.


Old topic, but I agree - it’s buried too deep (i was just looking for it too!)


  • It should be prominent - i suggest under the logo on the left pane. It would be good if it also provided ‘days until expiry’ too. Green text when all is good, Yellow when 2 weeks approaches, Red when it has expired.
  • The same display can show ‘Trial: xx until expiry’ in yellow.
  • Clicking the text could take you to the License page :slight_smile:
  • The Duplicacy tray icon could change colour to match the license expiry too.

I’m actually just on the trial atm, experimenting with it (i tried it about a year ago and i’m returning to it now to see if i like it).


@gchen , I think this point really deserves an improvement. I had the same difficulty when I was testing the web-GUI version, and I think this is the third post with questions about this.

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Usually license registration screens are somehow close to “about”.