Lifetime licenses

Hi, lifetime licenses will be available again on black friday?

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Thanks, so let say the lifecycle license is a way to avoid renew every year.

It depends really. You don’t have to renew every year, you can pay for any number of years in advance. If you plan to use duplicacy for more than 10 years then it may make sense to convert it to lifetime.

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I’m missing the point, if it’s possible to pay in advance for 10 years, why then should I pay for the lifetime license? I mean, if they are the same thing.

That’s exactly the point. Lifetime license cost was afaik calculated to be equal to 10 years worth of license cost.

The benefit to Acrosync apparently is that they get money now, offering lifetime license is an additional nudge to get people to prepay for more years.

The benefit for the user is that after 10 years license becomes effectively free.

But in my opinion — cost of renewal is so low, that main benefit is that you don’t have to worry about renewals after 10 years, and if you were going to prepay for longer — then lifetime is cheaper.

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