Limit UPLOAD bandwidth

I know how to limit download bandwidth with -limit-rate 5000
How can I limit the upload bandwidth of Duplicacy?

Background of this:
When I start Duplicacy in Mac webui, it takes over the full upload speed and other apps cannot connect to the internet.
Speedtest by Ookla shows “can not connect” and websites loading comes to a crawl or fails.

You likely have bufferbloat.

Limiting bandwidth is not a solution.

Check for bufferbloat and if confirmed — replace the gateway with the one that supports SQM.

You should be able to fully saturate upstream with no impact on browsing or other connectivity.

Prior discussion: Rate-Limiting for Backup and Copy Commands - #3 by saspus

Thanks, by adapting QoS Rules of the ASUS Router I was able to tame the aggressive Upload to around 50% of initial bandwidth. Even though it is not SQM as indicated in this thread - Rate-Limiting for Backup and Copy Commands - it still helps to make Duplicacy run fast enough and not make other connections fail.

PS: Anyone interested in knowing if he has bufferbloat or not, use this URL:

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