Rate-Limiting for Backup and Copy Commands


I’ve used the rate-limiting options when using the ‘backup’ and ‘copy’ commands. In either case, no rate-limiting has occurred. I verified this using the ‘iftop’ command and checking the traffic on my network interface. I am using CLI version 2.1.2 with Ubuntu Linux 18.10 x64 on systems that are basically idle (very little, if any network traffic and disk activity).

The command I used for backup:

sudo ~/duplicacy backup -limit-rate 20 (I would assume an upload rate of 20 KiloBytes/second here)

And for the copy command:

sudo duplicacy copy -upload-limit-rate 150 -from default -to offsite-wasabi

Any ideas as to why the rate limiting is not working in either command?

Thanks in advance for the help!