Metadata (creation timestamps) lost after restore



I backed up a folder that had a file (file1) and a subfolder containing another file (file2). Then I deleted everything and restored everything back in place.

After restoring you would expect everything to have the same exact creation/modified/accessed dates (in Windows) they did before being deleted. But instead, the subfolder’s creation date is changed to when it was restored, as is the creation date of the file within the subfolder (file2).

The file in the top folder (file1) retains all of the original timestamps. So at the very least, the behavior is inconsistent depending on whether the file is in a subfolder or not.

It seems like a small issue, but if you use creation timestamps to search or filter for files, you’d lose all of those creation timestamps if you ever had to restore from backup.


Duplicacy only stores the modified time, not the creation time.


So what does this mean? It’s not a bug, I guess, but perhaps a design flaw? Should this topic be converted into a feature request?


I tested this again and it seems like there are cases where Duplicacy preserves the creation timestamp. If I create a file in the highest/root folder, make a backup/snapshot, delete the file, and then restore it, the creation timestamp is preserved. However, if it’s in a subfolder or if additional snapshots are made afterward then the restored file loses that creation timestamp.