Microsoft OneDrive support: Personal or Business editions?

Apparently, Microsoft has two versions of OneDrive:

  • OneDrive personal, which I’m pretty sure Duplicacy supports today, and
  • OneDrive business, which uses a separate API (so I’m told)

OneDrive for business is included in offerings like Office 365, which gives you 1TB of free storage. OneDrive personal is much “stingier” with storage.

Does Duplicacy support OneDrive (business edition)? If not, are there plans to support this?



I need to read their doc again to see how difficult it is. Last time I checked it was so confusing to me that I had no clue how to start.

I have Office 365 Home subscription and I am backing up to one of the account’s 1TB OneDrive without problems. But the personal Office 365 subscriptions use the OneDrive (not for Business). The Win 10 client is the same for both business and personal OneDrive.

My plan is to work on the WebDAV backend first after the official release of 2.1.0, and then OneDrive Business after that.


is there any progress on OneDrive business integration?
I want to use an Office365 account as storage backend too.

Microsoft docs for code flow, that can be used by both accounts is here:

I have successfully tested the url of the first step (
The next steps have to be implemented by duplicacy-server …

I hope this helps …

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Any update here? Some months later …

Would be super if Duplicacy, which is now 1.0.0, would support or enable OneDrive for Business.

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It is in the plan, but honestly at this time I don’t know when. I will be traveling most of this month, and when I come back the top priority is a new update of the web GUI.

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Searched and saw a mention about looking into after web interface released (but that was some time back) and periodic queries but no real response - at least for me this is a big requirement that prevents me from migrating from other providers so curious if any updates.

This will be the first thing to do after the new version of the web GUI is out (expected next week). If there is a change I’ll update it here.

This has finally been done: OneDrive for Business support

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