Moving from Local to Remote Storage

I am currently using Duplicacy Web to backup one local NAS to another local NAS. It has around 10T of data on it, and I first did this in local due to the size. Now that the initial backups are done, I’d like to move the backup NAS offsite. Based on these posts, it seems like I have a few options:

It seems like I can either just create a new storage using the offsite SFTP IP address, and point it to the existing backup and it should automatically determine it’s a backup. Another post mentioned I could just edit the settings of the storage, of the IP address itself. Is there one approach that is more robust than the other? I really don’t want to have to re-backup all the data remotely as that will take a very long time.

I think the easiest approach would be to delete the existing storage and then recreate a new one with the new IP address with the same storage name. Each backup is bound to a storage by the storage name which can’t be changed. This is the easiest because you don’t need to reuse existing backups (if you change the storage name you’ll have to recreate backups with the same backup ids) and also you don’t need to manually edit the json configuration file.

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Thanks! To clarify- I’d remove the storage using the storage tab, then add the “new” storage using the same name as the old storage, and then it’s good to go for the next scheduled task? Do I need to edit any of my backup tasks or schedules?

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That is correct. You don’t need to change backups and schedules.