Multi-user machine backups


I am researching backup options. I have a few questions around use on a multi-user machine:

  1. Will Duplicacy continue backing up even if no user is logged in?

  2. Will Duplicacy continue backing up if installed by “User A” but “User B” is currently logged in?

  3. Will Duplicacy backup all files from other users if running in another user account?

I am looking for a machine level backup solution rather than a user level. Something akin to Time Machine that runs as a system daemon.

If this is a Windows machine, you can install Duplicacy as a Windows service and it will back up all files from any user even if the user is not logged in. There is a session in the User Guide on how to do this.

For macOS, there is a way to use launchd to run Duplicacy on startup, although I haven’t tested it before.

I’m using a Mac running macOS High Sierra. Thanks for the tip I’ll investigate this further.

Is this still possible using the current web edition? I don’t presume there’s anything special implemented to work as a service which seems unfortunate. The user guide doesn’t mention running as a service anymore

In the current version (1.0) there’s no service which backs up when noone is logged in.

Afaiu if you start duplicacy web, it will run the backups on a schedule as long as the icon is still in the tray.

Using the WE in Windows, i just right-clicked the tray icon and selected ‘start on login’ which will let the scheduler run according to, well, my schedule :slight_smile: without further intervention required.

Vaguely related, is there yet an option to stop the browser from loading when we start the WE at system startup? (Windows).

It’s planned, see: Option to not launch browser when duplicacy web starts

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